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Photo of the banner by J.B Mittan (Art of figure skating calendar) and Kathy Goedeken.

Last uptdates
April 1, 2005:
The audio interview of Evgeny explaining his withdrawal at world added.

March 17, 2005:
News of the World Championships.
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March 13, 2005:
First I want to apologize for not updating the site very often. But I'm very busy with my studies. Nevertheless next week will be great. Indeed, tomorrow begin the World championships which will take place in Moscow. As usual I won't be able to update the site during the week but I can nevertheless give you some information before it starts
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February 6, 2005:
Some news from Art on ice.
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You can find some photos here.

One interview added.

January 29, 2005:
I've just added the video of Evgeny's long program at the European championships. Enjoy!

January 28, 2005:
Evgeny won the Europeans championships for the fourth time in his career!!!
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Photos of Evgeny's show added.

January 7, 2005:
Evgeny won the the Russian nationals.
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January 5, 2005:
Evgeny won the short program at the Russian nationals.
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December 18, 2004:
Video of Evgeny's short program at the Grand Prix Final 2004(Moonlight sonata) added.

A lot of drawings added in the fanscorner section. Thanks to Helene ad Monika.

December 18, 2004:
Evgeny won the Grand Prix final with a very good program.
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December 17, 2004:
Evgeny won the short program at the Grand Prix final which take place in China.
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December 11, 2004:
Some news about Evgeny (a little bit late sorry)
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November 27, 2004:
Evgeny won the Cup of Russia.
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November 26, 2004:
Evgeny is first after the short program at the Cup of Russia.
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October 29, 2004:
One new video added. It's the video of Evgeny exhibition at the Lalique trophy 2003.

October 28, 2004:
FINALLY, some news.
Evgeny participated this week at a competition in Russia and he won.
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Two new interviews of Evgeny.
1st interview.
2nd interview.

October 9, 2004:
News about Evgeny's schedule, the Prince ice world show and Evgeny's show "Ten years together".
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September 26, 2004:
One interview added.
Three drawings by Monika added.

September 20, 2004:
One new video added. It's the video of Evgeny's long program at the Russian nationals 2001 (Cirque du soleil).

Two drawings added in the fanscorner section.

September 19, 2004:
There are news about Evgeny new programs (short program AND long program).
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September 18, 2004:
There are several news about Evgeny.
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One interested interview added.

One beautiful drawing by Helene added.

September 7, 2004:
Finally I'm back. As you can guess, I hadn't been able to find an internet point where I was so that's why the site hasn't been uptdated during three months. But now, it will change.
There is some news about Evgeny.
Click here to read more.

I've also updated the schedule. Evgeny's grand prix events will be Skate Canada, NHK trophy and Cup of Russia.

Check the site regularly this week because I think I will add some stuff, like videos, new photos and wallpapers...

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