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Question:"Ten years together" with who?
Evgeny:With my coach Alexei Nikolayevich Mishin, with the city of St. Petersburg, with the best audience in the world. Exacty ten years ago I came from Volgograd to Leningrad. Even my trainer somewhat forgot about this date, but for me it decided my life's path.

Question:How is your benefit show different from traditional shows, which are held in different Russian cities?
Evgeny:In the traditions of Russian theater the main role is given to the benefactor. If in regular shows even the most popular skater comes out on the ice 2-3 times at the most, in my show 6-7 of my appearances are planned.

Question:What are you planning on showing the St. Petersburg audience?
Evgeny:I still haven't completely decided. There will definetly be the program dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Petersburg, Sex Bomb, Story of an Artist, practically unknown to the fans. During the Olympic season I skated it only two times at the Russian nationals and the Grand Prix Final. I think that this number, set to the music from Moulin Rouge, has a right to life. Possibly, I'll premiere my new programs.

Question:Can you tell us more about them?
Evgeny:This season I am lucky to start working with a great choreographer Sergey Petukhov. I heard only great things about him from Alexei Tikhonov and Maria Petrova, Maxim Staviyski and Albena Denkova, who he choreographed programs for. Both compositions, the short and the long, are done by Petukhov. The short program is to the guitar version of the music Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. The original melody for the long program was written by the Hungarian composer Edvin Marton, with whom I started to work last season.

Question:Are you not afraid that like last season his music will be used by other skaters?
Evgeny:Well, you have to agree that is not my problem. With my coach we decided to continue searching for the combination of modern music and classic choreography. However, this program won't be dedicated to anyone personally. For now I'll keep the name a secret.

Question:Did you manage to do complete pre-season training?
Evgeny: Because of the illness we had to limit the training. I didn't risk going through a combination of weight and cross training combined with tennis. At first the doctors were even requiring surgery, but we managed to limit things to traditional medicine. I hope this season the injuries won't show up.

Question:Going back to your beniefit show, which of the ice artists had the honor to get an invitation?
Evgeny:Anton Sikharulidze, Maria Petrova & Alexei Tikhonov, Tatyana Navka & Roman Kostomorov, Alexei Urmanov, Ilia Klimkin and possibly Alexander Abt will perform in Ledovy. Vladimir Besedin and Alexei Polishuk, whose performances are always big hits with the audience, will fly in from America. They put together new numbers, and on tape they look simply awesome.

Question:This fall two shows are planned, "Ledovy Olymp" by Arthur Dimitriev in St. Petersburg and a farewell tour of Irina Lobacheva and Ilia Averbukh in Moscow. Are you going to take part in them?
Evgeny:"Ledovy Olymp" will definetly happen with out me. I haven't yet recieved an invitation from Irina and Ilia. If it comes I will try to make time for my friends.

Question:In order to fill a whole arena in two days you need an original advertisement. Have you tried to invite Alexei Yagudin to your benefit show?
Evgeny:Good question. After all a benefit show suggests the participation of friends. With Alexei we were rivals, and with all due respect to the Olympic champion I can't say that our relations worked out. I can't ask him as easily as say Abt or Klimkin.

Question:There exists a number of Plushenko fan clubs around the world. Are you expecting any fans, or more like female fans to attend your benefice?
Evgeny:Their appearance is not out of question. Moreover, the show organizers are ready to give them all kinds of support, from visas to hotels.

Question:After the announcement of your breakup with Ulyana the question about your personal life is inevitable in any interview...
Evgeny:Everything is alright with my personal life. It's just fine.