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March 17, 2005:

The men competition of the World championships 2005 has just finished and Stephane Lambiel is the new World Champion. Jeffrey Buttle is second and Evan Lysacek is third.
As you all know, Evgeny withdrew due to a serious groin injury.
Quotes of Evgeny about his injuries:
"I am injured right now and in very, very bad condition"
"I am really, really sorry, but it is very difficult to compete with great skaters in this conditions"
Evgeny tried to compete because the competition took place in his own country but the pain was too high. He had several injections before trainings and before the short program but he reacted bad to this and it made him feel sick. So he skated at the qualification round and won his group, but he was only third after the short program. The day of the long program, he decided to withdraw because the pain was too high and because the injections didn't help. But he has been very brave because he skated two programs in real pain, to please the russian audience and all his fans.

Qualification group:
Evgeny is first of his group. He did a good program but with no quadruple. He didn't even attempt the quadruple because of his injuries. He skated to the Godfather.
His marks:
Total Program Component Score (presentation): 75.70
Skating Skills: 7.70, Transitions: 7.25, Performance/Excecution: 7.65, Choreography: 7.45, Interpretation: 7.80

Total Elements Score: 76.20
Total points of qualification (*0.25): 37.98

Short program:
Evgeny is third after the short program behind Stephane Lambiel and Brian Joubert. But he finished only fifth of the short program. He skating to "Moonlight sonata". He had a big fall on the quadruple toeloop. Evgeny is injured and it seems that the short program didn't make the things better.
His Jumps: Quadruple toeloop (fell), triple axel, triple lutz.
His marks: Total Program Component Score (presentation): 38.29
Skating Skills: 7.75, Transitions: 7.32, Performance/Excecution: 7.79, Choreography: 7.57, Interpretation: 7.86

Total Elements Score: 35.99
Total points of the short program: 73.28

March 13, 2005:

Tomorrow will begin the World championships which will take place in Moscow. Evgeny is there of course and he went to practice today. For what I read he didn't do that much. Apparently he has just landed a triple axel.
Tomorrow, Evgeny will skate first of the second qualification group. Good luck Evgeny!!!!

You will find all the informations you'll need on the official site of the Worlds championships

February 6, 2005:

These last days, Evgeny was in Switzerland where he participated to the show Art on Ice. It seems that he skated one program to "The Godfather". Edvin Marton was there and he played violin for him. Evgeny also did a second program on a live music by Seal.

January 28, 2005:

Evgeny won yesterday his forth european title. I must say that it was not his best competition ever but he did enough to win. He looked very tired. So now, have some rest until the World championships.
Long program:
Evgeny skated his long program on "the Godfather". He did a very good performance despite two mistakes. He had a standing ovation from the audience at the end of the program. His circular footworks were absolutely marvellous and the audience was going mad during them.
His jumps: Quadruple toeloop(two-footed)-triple toeloop-double loop, triple axel-double toeloop, triple axel, triple lutz, triple flip-double toeloop, triple salchow, double axel, double loop.
His marks:
Total Program Component Score (presentation): 80.76
Skating Skills: 8.14, Transitions: 7.89, Performance/Excecution: 8.14, Choreography: 8.07, Interpretation: 8.14

Total Elements Score: 71.05
Total points of the long program: 151.81
Total points of the competition: 227.14

Some pics: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5

Short program
Evgeny is second after the short program behind Brian Joubert. Evgeny skated to "Moonlight sonata". He did two mistakes. One on the quadruple toeloop, and the other is a bad landing on the triple axel.
His jumps: Quadruple toeloop(turned out)-double toeloop, triple axel(slow landing), triple lutz.
His marks: Total Program Component Score (presentation): 39.40
Skating Skills: 7.93, Transitions: 7.75, Performance/Excecution: 7.82, Choreography: 7.86, Interpretation: 8.04

Total Elements Score: 35.93
Total points of the short program: 75.33

Somes pics: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4

January 7, 2005:

Evgeny won the Russian Nationals. It's his sixth title of russian champion. Evgeny got four 6.0. He did a quadruple salchow during the warmup but decided not to do it during the program.
His jumps: Quadruple toeloop-triple toeloop, double axel-step sequence-triple lutz, triple axel, triple salchow, triple flip-triple toeloop, double axel, triple loop.
His marks:
Technical: 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8
Presentation: 5.9 5.9 5.9 6.0 5.9 6.0 6.0 6.0 5.9

January 5, 2005:

Evgeny is first after the short program at the Russian nationals. He skated to his short program "Moonlight sonata". He completed a good program even though there was a little mistake on the lutz.
His jumps: Quadruple toeloop-triple toeloop, triple axel, triple lutz(two-footed).
His marks:
Technical: 5.8 5.8 5.7 5.7 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8
Presentation: 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9
The long program will take place on January 7th.

December 18, 2004:

Evgeny won the Grand Prix Final. What a great competition for him. One time again he did a perfect program and he beated his personal best(which is also the world record) for the long program and and the total of the two programs. He skated to his long program "The Godfather". He won ahead of Jeffrey Buttle.
His jumps: Quadruple toeloop-triple toeloop-double loop, triple axel-double toeloop, triple lutz-triple toeloop and the other triple jumps.
Total Program Component Score (presentation): 83.30
Skating Skills: 8.35, Transitions: 8.15, Performance/Excecution: 8.45, Choreography: 8.20, Interpretation: 8.50

Total Elements Score: 84.10
Total points of the long program: 167.40
Total points of the competition: 251.75

December 17, 2004:
Evgeny won the short program at the Grand Prix Final which take place in China. He did a perfect program. He skated to his short program "Moonlight sonata". He beated his personnal best with a total of 84.35.
His jumps: Quadruple toeloop-triple toeloop, triple axel, triple lutz.
His marks:
Total Program Component Score (presentation): 39.85
Skating Skills: 8.15, Transitions: 7.80, Performance/Excecution: 8.05, Choreography: 7.85, Interpretation: 8.00

Total Elements Score: 44.50
Total points of the short program: 84.35

Some photos

December 11, 2004:
First, Evgeny won the Marshalls World Cup of Figure skating which took place on december 4 in the USA. He skated to his program the Godfather and he completed a very good program. He got a standing ovation and had three 6.0 (The old system was sill used for this competition). Evan Lysacek was 2nd and Brian Joubert 3rd.
His jumps: Quadruple toeloop-triple toeloop, triple axel, triple axel-double toeloop, triple lutz-triple toeloop, double flip, triple salchow, triple loop.
His marks:
Technical marks: 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.8 5.9
Presentation marks: 6.0 6.0 6.0 5.8 5.9
You can find photos of this competition here: USFSA website

The second news is that Evgeny will take part at the Grand Prix Final which will take place in Beijin on December 16-19. He wasn't supposed to participe at this competition since he decided not to do it. But Johnny Weir withdrew of the Grand Prix Final because of an injury, and as Evgeny was an alternate skater, he will skate at this competition.

November 27, 2004:
Evgeny won the Cup of Russia ahead of Johnny Weir. He skated to his new long program, The Godfather. He completed a very good program.
His jumps: Quadruple toeloop-triple toeloop, triple axel, triple axel-double toeloop, triple lutz-triple toeloop, triple flip, double axel, triple salchow(step out), triple loop.
His marks:
Total Program Component Score (presentation): 82.00
Skating Skills: 8.25, Transitions: 8.00, Performance/Excecution: 8.25, Choreography: 8.20, Interpretation: 8.30

Total Elements Score: 76.50
Total points of the long program: 158.50
Total points of the competition: 233.45

November 26, 2004:
Evgeny won the short program at the Cup of Russia ahead of Johnny Weir. He skated to his new short program, Moonlight sonata.
His jumps: quadruple toeloop (fell)-double toeloop, triple axel, triple lutz.
His marks:
Total Program Component Score (presentation): 39.55
Skating Skills: 8.00, Transitions: 7.65, Performance/Excecution: 8.05, Choreography: 7.95, Interpretation: 7.90

Total Elements Score: 36.40
Total points: 74.95

October 28, 2004:

This week, Evgeny participated to a competition in Samara(Russia). It was quite an "unknown" event, and Evgeny had no real opponents. Of course, he won both the short program and the long program. As I said, it wasn't a "big" event, so we haven't too much news about it. Nevertheless, it seems that Evgeny did well. He won the short program with marks of 5.7/5.9. He got four 6.0 for the long program (in presentation). His long program included a quadruple salchow, a quadruple toeloop, two triple axels and the other triple jumps of course. He was very happy with the quadruple salchow, since it's the first one he lands in a competition.

At the beginning of november, Evgeny will participate at the show Art on Ice, so more news to come soon.

October 9, 2004:

There are news about Evgeny's schedule, Prince Ice World (a bit late sorry), and Evgeny show.
Concerning the schedule, Evgeny's coach, Alexei Mishin, said that Evgeny won't do the Skate Canada, the NHK trophy and the grand prix final. He says that their main goal were World 2005 and the Olympics games 2006. So they had to try a new strategy for Evgeny to be in good form for these competitions. In this way, he will have time to cure his injury. Nevertheless, Evgeny wants to do the Cup of Russia because it's very important for him to skate in his country. So it will be his first competition of the season and it will take place at the end of november.

From October 1 to October 3, Evgeny skated in the show Prince Ice World which took place in Japan. There, he skated his two new programs: Moonlight Sonata and the Godfather. For those who know it, you can download the both programs with the software DC++. Evgeny wore the St Petersburg 300 costume for Moonlight Sonata, and the Once upon a time in America costume for the Godfather. He did several jumps but no quadruple and no triple axel.

On october 7 and 8, Evgeny's show took place in St Petersburg. On october 7, (the first show), Evgeny skated six programs: Carmen, Sex bomb, St Petersburg 300, Adagio, Moonlight sonata and the girl/boy program.
His parents were there. The show was a success and the tickets were sold out.
Here is a little report (thanks to Katweige from FSU):
The show started with this little kid named Artur, who looks like a mini version of Plushy with long hair. He is also coached by Mishin and will probably be one of the future Russian stars. He landed everything, and didn't look to be the least bit intimidated. He also had quite the presence for a kid his age! I was impressed. All the skaters were dressed in Evgeni's costumes and performed some signature Evgeni moves. Evgeni, himself, came out and skated to Carmen. He was quite the showman the whole night. He never missed a step or jump, however he did not perform any huge combos or jumps. I think the most difficult jump sequence he did was a 3toe-3toe-2loop, which in itself is unbelievable! Evgeni also skated to Moonlight Sonata, Sex Bomb, St. Petersburg 300, and then the number that has already been mentioned where he went into the crowd and acted like a man and hugged a girl and then acted like a girl and hugged a man.

September 19, 2004:

There are more details about Evgeny's new programs.
The music of his short program is a rock version of Moonlight Sonata made by Victor Zimchuk. You can here it on this site: It's the first track of the album so click on "click here to listen to this album", and you will have directly the first track. Of course it isn't the exactly the version that Evgeny will use, but it may be quite similar.

Another news is that he will skate to the movie soundtrack of "The Godfather" for his long program. It will certainly be a version of "The Godfather" remixed by Edvin Marton.
Both programs has been choreographied by Sergei Petukov.

In an article about the Russian Skate test, it is said that Evgeny is in good form. He was advised by the doctors to limit the number of airflight, so it's not sure if he will go the the NHK trophy and the Skate Canada. But Evgeny said he was positive about taking part at the Cup of Russia. The article also says that Evgeny's costumes aren't ready yet and that his programs are not finished either.

September 18, 2004:

This week, we had more details about which competitions and shows Evgeny will do this season.
First, Evgeny won't participate at the Campbell's International Figure Skating Classic which should take place on October 1. For the past two years, Evgeny was used to start the season with this competition. This years, instead of this, he will participate to the show Prince Ice World, which will take place in Japan on October 1-3.
Also, the participation of Evgeny at the Grand Prix events is not sure. It's not official yet, but there are some clues which let think that he won't participate to these events. Indeed, he his planned to participate at the Art on Ice show which will take place on November 5-6. But he is also supposed to participate to the NHK Trophy (a Grand Prix event) which will take place at the same time. So we don't know. We must wait for an official declaration.
Of course, it would be deceptive for Evgeny's fans if he skipped the Grand Prix events, because it would mean that the first time that we would see him competiting would be at the Europeans championships, but on the other hand, it would be great for his health. But as nothing is sure about Evgeny's schedule, let's see.

On September 16-17, Evgeny was at the Russian skate test. It's the occasion for the skaters to show their new programs. Evgeny skated his new short program and the Nijinsky program(his new long program is still a secret). There's no review for the moment. Maybe later...

Evgeny gave some news about his show (10 years together)and about his news programs in an interview. The music of his short program is a guitar version of the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. And apparently, the music of his long program has been composed for him by Edwin Marton. So logically, the music should be violin.
You can read the interview here

September 7, 2004:

I suppose that you've already heard about these news which aren't very recent, but just in case I give them to you.
First, Evgeny will organize his own shows on october 7-8. These shows will take place in St Petersburg and will celebrate the 10 years of contribution of Evgeny and his coach, Alexei Mishin.

Another news is that Evgeny broke up with his girlfriend Yuliana. They were together for three years.

We also know which music Evgeny will use for his new short program. The music will be "Moonlight Sonate" by Beethoven. He went in Sofia(Bulgaria) to make this program with the help of the choreograph of the Bulgarian ice dance team, Albena Denkova and Maxim Stavisky.
As usual, the theme of his new long program is still a secret.

In August, Evgeny and the team Mishin went to Jaca(Spain) to train. Evgeny participated to several shows and it seems that he skated his new short program there but unhappily, there is no report.

News from the 2003/2004 season.