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Interview of Evgeny Plushenko from "Patinage magazine" by Tatiana Flade.

Where did you grow up?
In Volgograd

What kind of memories do you have from Volgograd?
I remember everything. It's my beloved city where I grew up. But I also grew up in St Petersburg (he moved there when he was eleven years old), so I remember both these great cities. And I have the best memories. Every year I travel to Volgograd.

What is the fondest memory of Volgograd you have?
In Volgograd, everything was fine. The skating school, the ice, the weather was nice. I can't even tell, everything was very good.

Is there any special event that you remember?
The most important event is that I started skating there.

Today, you are working a lot and you're travelling a lot. Which is the most restful place for you?
Everywhere, where the weather is warm, where is the sun and the sea. I think, that's the place, whereever it is.

In which place on this planet you see yourself living in the future?
In Russia, in my beloved city St Petersburg.

When did you land your first triple axel?
I remenber... I was 13 years old. I trained with Mishin then, I've trained with him since I'm eleven.

How do you see Mr Mishin as person?
First of all, he is a wonderful person, like a friend. And he is also like a second father for me. We have a very friendly relationship.

What can you say about his character?
There are many different characters. He doesn't like to praise!

Are there other people who are important for you in preparing for competitions?
My parents

How do you choose your music?
The choreographer chooses together with my coach and, of course, with myself.

You have developed an individual style on the ice. How do you plan to develop it further?
How I will develop it, I don't know. If there is already a style, we probably will continue with it. But we'll probably also think about a different style. I will develop it with Alexei Nikolaevitch and with my choreographers.

What technical innovation do you plan to bring to the Olympic Games?
Another quad, salchow or lutz. That's it.

What do you think how can the new judging system be improved?
I don't have any suggestions

What are your first impressions about the system?
We'll have to continue to skate and see to get to know it better

Which word don't you like to hear?
I don't know. (thinks for a while). No, there is none.

And which word do you like?
No, I can't say.

What kind of noise don't you like at all?
I like one kind of noise: When you go out on the ice and people applaud you. And I like especially when you finish your program, and the audience applauds you. This noise I just love. But there is no noise I don't like.

When one day you will meet God, what do you want him to tell you?
It would be a completely different talk about God. It's very personal, and therefore I prefer not to answer this question.